Author: Bruce McDuffin

  • Why Costco’s Party Platters are Unbeatable

    Costco’s party platters are simply the best option for parties. The first reason why it is so good is because of the price. Starting at just $22.99 you can find the perfect platter within your budget. Another reason Costco’s party platter are so good is because of the variety of food options. You can get […]

  • 10 Telegram Movie Channels

    First, what is a telegram movie channel? Well a telegram movie channel helps you keep updated with the newest movies and helps you find movies to watch. Here are 10 telegram movie channels. Cinema Hub Movie Club World Movies FaibersGate RickyChannel MovieStarsOfficial Download Movies New Release English Cinemas Download Movies Now you know some telegram […]

  • How To Join Blox Free VIP Servers?

    Are you wondering how to join Blox Free VIP Servers in Roblox? Well this is the video for you. Step one is to click on the link of the VIP server you want to join. This should take you into roblox. And just like that you are in a VIP server. It’s that easy. Only […]

  • What is the “Notifications Silenced” Message Really Mean

    When you text someone you might be met with the message that says, “person has notifications silenced”. While you might think they are ignoring you they probably aren’t. With Focus Mode you can silence notifications for some or all apps on your phone. This can help remove distractions while studying, working, or trying to sleep. […]

  • Here are 10 Ways to Say Looking Forward To

    Sick of always saying, “I look forward to…” well here are 10 synonyms for say you are looking forward to something. Here are 5 formal ways to say you are looking forward to something. I fondly anticipate… I anticipate… I await the opportunity to… I have high expectations of… I await… with great expectation… Here […]

  • 15 Cute Ways to Say I Love You

    Love is a complicated feeling and sometimes we struggle to find different words to describe it. Here are 15 ways you can say “I love you”. I’m crazy about you. I’m in love with you. I’ve got feelings for you. I care about you. I’ve fallen for you. I adore you. You turn me on. […]

  • 10 Famous Female Celebrities Under 30 That Inspire the World

    Here are 10 young female stars that inspire the world. 1. Zendaya 2. Anya Taylor-Joy 3. Florence Pugh 4. Hailee Steinfeld 5. Elle Fanning 6. Chloë Grace Moretz 7. Millie Bobby Brown 8. Sabrina Carpente 9. Maya Hawke 10. Lili Reinhart

  • Here are 25 Things to Comment for Girls on Social Media to Stand Out

    Everyone comments but how do you stand out? Well you can use these 25 comments to stand out. Btw for me you continuously were astounding; always are amazing and continuously gonna be astounding too. Well, I think this is often my favorite posture of yours. The meaning of excellence lies in you. You are the […]

  • The Best Game Like Summertime Saga

    If you are a fan of Summertime Saga you might be looking for alternative games similar to Summertime Saga. Well here are the 10 best games like Summertime Saga. 1. Snow Daze: The Music of Winter 2. Coming Out on Top 3. Ladykiller In A Bind 4. Sisterly Lust 5. Dreaming of Dana 6. Amber’s […]

  • The 10 Best FREE Football Streaming Services

    Do you want to watch football but don’t want to pay the price of the streaming service? Well here are the 10 best free football streaming services. 1. Sportlemon TV 2. Wiziwig 3. First Row Sports 4. Real Stream United 5. VIP Box 6. Stream2Watch 7. Live TV 8. Sky Sports 9. Stream Football TV […]