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  • How To Send TikTok Drafts To Another Phone

    There are 5 easy steps to send TikTok drafts to another phone. Step one is to obviously open Tiktok. Then once you are in TikTok you should go into the drafts section. Once in the drafts section select the draft that you want to download. Next you want to post this draft but make sure […]

  • The 5 Most Commented Posts on Instagram

    Here are the top 5 most commented Instagram posts of all time. At number one we have alexandro_kopsialis. The post was a giveaway and now has over 43 million comments. At number 2 we have bizzarap announcing new music he released. The most now has over 23 million comments. At number 3 we have xxxtentacion. […]

  • Why Is Instagram Music Not Available in Your Account?

    Are you confused why Instagram music is not available on your account? Well here are some possible problems and how you might be able to fix it. Instagram music may not be available in your country because of different countries copyright laws. You can always just use a VPN to bypass this though. Another problem […]

  • The Eight Best Free Websites to Watch Movies Without Ads

    Don’t you just hate it when the moment is ruined by an ad. Getting interrupted in the middle of your movie is the worst so here are the 8 best websites to watch movies without ads. Number one: GoMoviesHD. Number 2: Putlocker. Number 3: 123moviesgo. Number 4: Maxhd4u. Number 5: IOMovies. Number 6: USMovies. Number […]

  • Here are the 25 Best Comments for Boys to Compliment Him

    Here are the top 25 things to comment to compliment a boy. You shine brighter than my future 🧡 The symbol of Gravity is You. Can I get a photocopy of yours? Thank you for this new phone wallpaper! 🔥 I want to like this picture N number of times, but it isn’t allowing me. […]

  • Low Calorie Cherry Limeade Recipe

    This is how to make some low calorie cherry limeade. To make cherry limeade you will need, limes, ice, all natural zero calorie lemon lime soda, cherry juice, and all natural maraschino cherries. The first step is to cut your lime in half. Put one half to the side and squeeze the other into the […]

  • Low Calorie Easy Edible Cookie Dough Recipe

    This is an easy recipe for some low calorie edible cookie dough. For this recipe you will need, salt, vanilla extract, coconut oil, maple syrup, almond flour, and dark chocolate chips. The first step it to put the almond coconut oil, flour, maple syrup, vanilla and salt to a medium sized bowl. Mix all of […]

  • Weight Loss Meal Replacement with a Smoothie Recipe

    The things you need for your Smoothie are, a medley of frozen berries, baby spinach, almond butter, uncooked oatmeal, and vanilla protein powder. To make this smoothie is really easy and anyone can do it. Just add all of the ingredients into the blender and blend them up. Slowly add water until you reach the […]

  • How to Check who Viewed your Facebook Profile. No Third Party App Required.

    After years of Facebook not allowing you to view who saw your profile they finally changed their policy. Now within the Facebook app you have the option to see who views your Facebook Profile. To find this feature log into your Facebook account. Then open the main drop down menu. Then go into Privacy Shortcuts. […]

  • How to See Unsent Messages on Messenger

    Once a message has been unsent you can no longer see it in messenger. But with a third party app you can now see all the messages that are unsent. Take note these applications only work when notifications are turned on for messenger. Notisave, Filterbox, and Notifcation History Log are all apps that will let […]