Mexican Corn Salad Recipe to Lose Weight

This is how to make a low calorie Mexican corn salad to help you lose weight. The ingredients that you will need are, lime, taco seasoning, cilantro, grilled corn, red onion, jalapeño , cotija cheese, and zero percent Greek yogurt if you want to make the creamy version. To start making your Mexican corn salad you want to get a medium sized bowl and zest, and juice your lime into the bowl. Next put the taco seasoning and cilantro into the bowl. Also, put in the Greek Yogurt for the creamy version. Let this sit while arrange the rest of the salad. In a different bowl put in your grilled corn, red onion, cotija cheese, and jalapeños. Pour the contents from the medium sized bowl into the bowl with the corn and mix it up well. You have successfully created Mexican Corn Salad.

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