The 5 Most Commented Posts on Instagram

Here are the top 5 most commented Instagram posts of all time. At number one we have alexandro_kopsialis. The post was a giveaway and now has over 43 million comments. At number 2 we have bizzarap announcing new music he released. The most now has over 23 million comments. At number 3 we have xxxtentacion. Rest in peace xxxtentacion. After his passing people showed there support with over 11 million comments on a single post. At number 4 we have Andrea Stramaccioni the Italian football players first post announcing his decision to make an Instagram account. This post now has over 10 million comments. And finally at number 5 we have sidhu_moosewala. His post said that if he got over 5 million comments he would post a teaser of his new album. The post now has almost 6 million comments. Now you know the top 5 most commented posts on Instagram.

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